4th CHEESE ADVENTURE at YOCO’Sいろんなチーズに出会いませんか



Cheese lovers, are you ready for a unique event in Okinawa? Here are the ingredients of this COOKING CLASS: the coolest kitchen of the archipelago (Yoco Acaghi’s), the best cheeses of Japan (John Davis’, thecheeseguyinokinawa.com/) and the Italian dishes of Pietro Scòzzari.


参加費:1人5000円, 最大15名まで – 5000 yen per person, maximum 15 participants.
During the cooking class you will find all John’s best cheeses for sale.


MENU: Let’s make LASAGNE together using John Davis’ yummy cheese. Following my hometown tradition, we’ll cook ‘Bologna sauce’ and make a delicious lasagna in Yoco’s oven. Let’s also prepare a huge salad using one of John’s cheeses, to be accompained with bread and melted cheese. To end with a dessert using John’s yogurt and his Shikuwasa cheese + espresso coffee in an Italian coffee machine.


予約申し込み / BOOKING: pietroscozzari@gmail.com
ワークショップ予約申し込み: ①参加される方のお名前 ②ご連絡先をお知らせください。キャンセルは、イベント日2日前までにお願いします。


開催日:9月25日(日) 11:00〜14:00頃
Sunday 25th September, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
場所:Angiari アンジャーリー(赤木葉子さんのお家キッチン)※駐車場は、お近くのパーキングをご利用ください。
At Yoco’s home! 2-4-21 Matsuo, 〒900-0014, in the center of Naha (parking in Ukishima-dori)




3rd cheese


bread and cheese


Sant Celoni - Restaurant


pasta a mano