Coffee Day at Taste of Okinawa


那覇、国際通りから商店街に入って行き、サンライズ通りにある「Taste of Okinawa」にて。



A full day dedicated to coffee in the heart of Naha!
– Market of vintage European coffee goods (10/11 a.m. + 3/8 p.m.)
– Cooking class by Pietro Scòzzari using coffee as ingredient, also to make pasta and rice (11 a.m. – 3 p.m.; 5000 yen or 50$ per person, booking PayPal
– Yummy coffee and dishes with coffee (3 p.m. – 8 p.m.)
FREE ENTRANCE (except during the cooking class)!


Throughout the event you will find European coffee goods for sale imported by ‘Europa Vintage Okinawa’: coffee machines, grinders, espresso cups, mugs, milk jugs and much more!


MENU (cooking class, fully vegetarian):

– Handmade TAGLIATELLE al caffè con sugo di panna, noci, pepe di Goa e parmigiano (Coffee fettuccine in cream, walnuts, Goa’s black pepper and Parmesan);
– RISOTTO al caffè in salsa di zucca e rosmarino (Coffee risotto with pumpkin and rosemary);
– BANANE fritte con polvere di caffè e sakè (Fried bananas with coffee powder and sake);
– TORTA TENERINA al caffè (Soft cake with chocolate and coffee);
– ESPRESSO (Espresso coffee brewed in an Italian ‘moka’ Bialetti coffee machine)

Buon appetito!

Il cuoco (the chef):



A coin parking lot is just behind the school (Tsuboya).
If you come by monorail the nearest station is Makishi, 10-15 minutes on foot.


開催日:2/24(月・祝)- Monday, February 24th 2020 10:00-20:00まで

場所:「Taste of Okinawa」,
Sunrise-dori, 那覇市壺屋1-6-21 Tsuboya, Naha