Festa Italiana OktoberForst イタリアンフェスティバル



沖縄イタリアン フェスティバル;オクトーバーフォルスト. 糸満でイタリア人と、 食べながら 飲みながら 仲良くしましょう. フリーマーケットも有り しかも ピッツァが100枚無料で つまめます。


Friends in Okinawa! Let’s say goodbye to this summer with a nice party, Italian-style! At Wakaranai Beach (南浜公園, 〒901-0364 Okinawa-ken, Itoman-shi, Shiozakichō, 4 Chome−29 Minami Hama Koen.) in Itoman. But it may rain… in that case at Prosciutto & Melone Curtis Naonis shop, always in Itoman (〒901-0304 Itoman- shi Nishikawa-cho 14-9-102 大雨降りましたら イタリアンフェスティバルは Prosciutto & Melone で行います〒901-0304 糸満市西川町14-9-102). Pizzaiolo-san Mirco Pilat will cook on the spot and offer FREE PIZZA if you’ll buy Italian beer (Forst). If the rain will let us in peace let’s enjoy the big beach and play together: soccer, frescobol (Brazilian beach tennis), kitesurf. Maybe we’ll have Brazilian friends holding a roda de capoeira and playing music… We’ll hold a flea market and some of the few Italians living in Okinawa will participate. So, RAIN OR SHINE, at the beach or at Mirco’s cozy shop, let’s have fun together speaking Japanese, Italian, English, Portuguese and… whatever you feel like.
Everybody is welcome, we wait for you, CIAO!!


開催日:Sunday 23rd October, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
場所:潮崎ビーチ 南浜公園, 〒901-0364 Okinawa-ken, Itoman-shi, Shiozakichō, 4 Chome−29 Minami Hama Koen.